April 13, 2021

17 Tech Tips and Tricks to Make Working From Home More Productive (and Fun)

In light of Covid, a many individuals are out of nowhere ending up telecommuting interestingly. Innovation makes this conceivable. Yet, past the innovation you’ve effectively utilized in your work on an ordinary day, how might you utilize tech to make it simpler to work distantly?

Here are a couple of tech tips, deceives, and hacks—from Muse representatives, Muse vocation mentors, and different specialists—that will make telecommuting during the COVID-19 pandemic simpler and somewhat more fun.

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  1. Attempt a Different App for Meetings

Numerous work environments as of now utilize Slack for text-based correspondence, yet the product does considerably more than that. Shayne Sherman, CEO of TechLoris, suggests utilizing Slack for online gatherings also. “The video calling with Slack permits you to effortlessly progress from a talk to a video call while the visit stays open so you can in any case take notes.” moreover, Slack’s screen share work permits everybody on the call to make notes on the screen, eliminating errors.

  1. Reproduce a “Live” Office Environment

Outside of gatherings, Slack can likewise be utilized to reproduce some similarity to being in the workplace. “At whatever point conceivable, pose your inquiries in a gathering channel,” says Richard Dillman, Senior Application Developer at The Muse, who works distantly all day. “Asking in private talks resembles murmuring in somebody’s ear, while [doing the same] in the group room is what might be compared to twirling your seat around and inquiring. The capacity to catch discussions and potentially contribute is the greatest thing missing in WFH.”

  1. Offer Video Messages

Loom is a program augmentation that allows you to share your screen and record video messages. You can do both simultaneously with their camera bubble highlight that shows you talking out of the way of your screen recording.

“Regardless of whether you need to introduce something, request help on something, or simply share something that you ran over, you can utilize Loom to send it to your group and they can see it during a period that is advantageous for them,” says Kiara Martilla, originator of the advertising and online media organization Kiara Jennifer and Co. That can mean less video meetings for you and your group, and it’s additionally more comprehensive of any individual who can’t be online the entire day—people who need to step away to deal with their children, for instance.

You can likewise utilize Loom to “send progress refreshes [and] spirit boosting messages to chiefs, customers, and groups,” proposes Muse profession mentor Evangelia Leclaire, organizer of Ready Set Rock, which extends to business and employment opportunity search courses.

  1. Make Training and Presentation Videos

Another utilization for Loom: working out an archive of how-to, preparing, and FAQ recordings, Leclaire says. This can be particularly valuable now, when in-person trainings are outlandish.

Loom has made their innovation substantially more available in light of COVID-19, by expanding how you can manage the free form, lessening costs, and in any event, killing charges for the instruction area.

  1. Offer Files Easily

In the event that your organization utilizes Google Drive and Slack, you can coordinate them to naturally import any documents when you share them. Simply share a Google Drive connect on Slack and Slack Bot will naturally inquire as to whether you need to coordinate. In the event that you do, Slack will tell you in the event that anybody in the channel you’re imparting to doesn’t have consent to get to the archive. You can likewise get Slack warnings of remarks and changes to the report.

  1. Make Your Calendar More Visible

Introducing Slack’s Google Calendar App will interface your timetable to the stage so it can tell your colleagues when you’re in a gathering on the off chance that they attempt to message you—accommodating when there’s no in-person obvious prompt (you’re not at your work area) that you’re not accessible. You can likewise turn on Calendar warnings to get Slack messages when your next schedule occasion is going to begin.

  1. Keep steady over Your To-Dos

Asana is another instrument that can incorporate with the Google Suite to support profitability. “There is a free form that you can coordinate with Google Calendar to keep on top of the entirety of your to-do things and needs alongside due dates,” Martilla says, permitting you to see initially on your schedule which undertakings and tasks you need to finish when. “That way when a Netflix gorge feels enticing, you will not leave anything neglected and fixed.” (Full exposure: Asana is a current customer of The Muse.)

  1. Increment Your Focus and Productivity

Zenware is a kind of programming that removes every one of the abundance fancy odds and ends (toolbars, symbols, side rails, and so on) and just shows you what’s significant, says Kathryn Vercillo, creator of Internet Addiction. For people who need to do heads-down composing work, attempt WriteRoom ($9.99 in the Mac App Store), which squares out your entire screen so all you see is the content you’re composing, or OmmWriter ($6.69 for Mac or PC), which turns off email and visit notices and allows you to pick a relieving foundation.

  1. Square Your Biggest Distractors

“One of my number one tech applications is called ‘SelfControl,'” says Muse vocation mentor Joyel Crawford. “I can put the entirety of my sites that I much of the time visit that deny me of my efficiency time and set a timetable for the application to hinder those destinations. It’s staggering when you have a tight cutoff time to make.” So on the off chance that you know your greatest time squanderers—for me it’s Twitter, however for you it very well may be Instagram, the news, or even your own email—you can briefly hinder these locales when you need profound core interest.

The application is free, yet it is just accessible formally for Mac. Since it’s open source, in any case, it’s been adjusted for Linux and Windows.

  1. Imagine You’re in Outer Space

Experiencing difficulty getting a decent camera plot for your Zoom gatherings? When your camera is on in Zoom, click on the little caret close to the camera symbol and you’ll see the choice to empower one of its virtual foundations, including a space see and an injection of the Golden Gate Bridge. You can likewise transfer your own pictures to use as foundations for future gatherings. (Note: To utilize this component, your PC needs to meet certain base framework prerequisites.) Not just would you be able to have a good time with this, however your associates don’t need to realize you haven’t cleaned up your loft.

  1. Conceptualize Better

PinItTo.Me is a basic (and free!) apparatus that lets you and a group work together like you’re utilizing Post-Its on a board, Dillman says. Everybody can make their own notes and intuitive them across the virtual corkboard. You can utilize it for conceptualizing, booking, retro gatherings, or whatever else you’d utilize a lot of Post-Its for. In addition every corkboard has its own novel URL you can return to later.

  1. Liven Up Your Video Calls

In the same way as other associations, Sina Khanifar’s organization, Waveform, has moved totally distant and workers are holding the entirety of their gatherings on Zoom. “We’re having loads of fun with Snapchat’s work area SnapCamera application,” Khanifar says, which applies Snapchat Lenses to your PC’s webcam so they can be utilized on Zoom, Google Hangouts, Skype, and other video stages. “It doesn’t make telecommute more profitable, however it certainly makes it more fun.”

You needn’t bother with a Snapchat record to utilize Snap Camera, and there are huge loads of various channel alternatives. In some random gathering one individual may be submerged, somebody’s eyes may be jumping off of their mind, and others may appear as outsiders. Besides, it’s free and simple to set up. (Genius tip: Double watch that you don’t have any insane channels on before you start a gathering where that wouldn’t be suitable.)

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  1. Focus on Your Lighting

Since a ton of our eye to eye association for the present will be through video, getting your recordings to look and sound better can make the experience more lovely for everybody and guarantee that you’re being perceived by your partners.

Think about your gatherings like you would a video meet (yet somewhat less formal). Attempt to utilize either common or gentler lighting and if conceivable, position your lighting source before you and your PC. This will eliminate glare and hold your colleagues back from feeling like you’re conversing with them from the shadows.

  1. Use Headphones With a Microphone

At the point when you’re on video talk, use earphones with a mouthpiece on the off chance that you have them, particularly if your home has a ton of foundation clamor (for example flat mates or children). Also, focus on where your amplifier lands—if your receiver is scouring against your shirt or a facial hair growth for the span of the gathering, others on the call will actually want to hear it.

  1. Cut Out Excess Background Noise

In case you’re utilizing earphones and a mouthpiece yet experiencing difficulty with sound in your video calls, you can likewise attempt Krisp. Krisp is an application that will quiet foundation commotion during your calls. They’ve presented a complementary plan and reduced their costs during the COVID-19 pandemic.

  1. Hack Yourself a Second Monitor

“In case you’re accustomed to working with a greater screen than your PC has, there’s a simple fix that you can execute directly from your sofa. Think about utilizing your TV as your work area or second screen,” says Amanda Cross, Senior Manager at Vizio. All you need is a HDMI link (on the off chance that you don’t have an extra, check what wires you as of now have connected to your TV—you may as of now have a reasonable one) or on the off chance that you’d prefer to go remote, you can utilize a Chromecast, AppleTV, or other streaming gadget. (To be completely forthright: Vizio is a current customer of The Muse.)

For video gatherings, you’ll need to situate your PC before the TV rather than out of the way. Your webcam will in any case be on your PC and you don’t w


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