July 21, 2021

Ebenezer Agboola

Nigerian-born, parent-taught photographer Ebenezer Agboola was born in 1992. He enjoys photography in the fine art vein.

Now that most people refer to him as being mute, photography is his means of communicating with the public. For reference, he claims that the only way to stop time is through photography.

His enthusiasm for art has taken over every aspect of his life since 2013, when he started using photography as his primary occupation and started attending various cultural and artistic events.

Ebenezer declares a desire to investigate dark themes and antique damask patterns, seeing this to reimagine the classic in a fresh way. In a modern way, he also utilizes it to celebrate and investigate the connection between Africans’ successes and struggles.

The raw photos he took with his camera were used as his canvas. They assisted him in expressing his ideas and ideals for the final images.


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